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State-recognized bilingual primary school

The English Primary School is a bilingual, state-recognized school. As such, the school programme follows the Italian National Curriculum and this is integrated with the English National Curriculum for the English programme. The maximum number of children in each class is 18. This enables us to give individual attention to all the children.

School subjects

All general subjects are covered in our school programme: Italian, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, ICT, Music, Art and Design and Physical Education. In addition, special attention is given to the acquisition of correct study methods which are essential and they are not the same for all children. Each child must be helped to find his/her own method of study. As well as discovering the correct method of study, children are also helped to develop their communication skills. It is essential in today's world to be able to communicate well and the children should be taught these skills from an early age.

Trinity College Exams

In 2009 our school also became a Centre for Trinity College Exams.  All our children, from years 2 to 5, participate in these exams which are renowned and recognized internationally. Last year we had a 100% success rate with generous compliments from the examiner for the level of English our children showed.

School programme > Bilingual curriculum

Being able to speak a second language and being bilingual is not the same thing. A bilingual person is able to think and reason in both languages. Not only does he understand the words but the inferences used in the language. He is able to interpret emphasis and gesture. His choice of language is appropriate to the context and he feels at ease speaking of a variety of subjects. Our bilingual programme is important for this reason: we do not only teach a second language but we teach while using this language.  The majority of our children are not English and it is important that they maintain their national identity and heritage.  Through our bilingual programme they are able to do this while gaining the necessary skills to live and work in a multinational world and feeling part of it. 

The Bilingual Middle School

 Our School continues to grow and, in September 2020, our Middle School opened. Now our children have the possibility to continue their education with us from the age of 3 to 14.