Sito italiano    Monday, June 14, 2021

Nicola Benedetti visits our children

 What a wonderful day for our children when they met Nicola Benedetti (Pentathlon champion). Before leaving for his training and preparation for the London Olympics, Nicola came to meet our children. As a true champion, he spoke about his sport's career and success with humility and our children were overjoyed to have him with them.

Trinity College Honouring Excellence

 On Sunday, 23rd October, two of our children from last year's year 5 (Ludovico Bandieri and Ginevra Zanoni) went to Rome to be awarded the Trinity College London "Honouring Excellence" diploma for their splendid achievements in English.  We are very proud of them as we are of all our children. Even this year we had 100% success throughout the school for the Trinity College London exams in spoken English.

I pads in the classroom

 Our years 4 and 5 have been using Ipads in the classroom on a daily basis since October of this year. We are finding it an exciting way to include Information Technology in our everyday school lives.