Sito italiano    Sunday, July 25, 2021

English Primary School

The English Primary School came into being as a natural evolution of the Peter Pan English Pre-School and most of the children who start the pre-school then attend the Primary School.  We opened in 2005 with a class of year 1 children so that by 2009 we had a complete school of five classes. Our school is a bilingual, state-recognized primary school for children aged 6 to 11.

Our Children

Although the majority of our children are Italian, we do welcome all nationalities. At the moment we have children from England, Australia, South Africa and Sweden happily present in our community and enriching us with their presence.

I pads in the classroom

 Our years 4 and 5 have been using Ipads in the classroom on a daily basis since October of this year. We are finding it an exciting way to include Information Technology in our everyday school lives.