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About us

The English Primary School came into being as a natural evolution of the Peter Pan English Pre School and most of the children who start the pre-school then attend the Primary School. We opened the Primary School in 2005 with a class of six year old, year one children so, by 2009, we had a complete school of five classes. Our school is a bilingual, state-recognized primary school for children aged 6 - 11.


We aim at educating the whole child. Our main objective is to help each individual child reach his full emotional, personal and intellectual potential. We work to give our children a sincere love for learning,  a positive self esteem and self respect, good problem solving skills, a critical mind, a sense of initiative, the ability to work both alone and as part of a team, a devotion to duty, the capacity and strength of character to make decisions and to assume responsibility. Moreover, as citizens of the world, our children should be able to adapt with confidence to a variety of situations, cultures and languages.


All our teachers are highly qualified professionals, in possession of all the qualifications required by both English and Italian regulations. Moreover, our staff are aware that these qualifications, professional as they may be, are not sufficient to be a good teacher. We expect our staff to have excellent personal and  communication skills. They must be good observers, capable of watching closely each individual child as he progresses in his learning process and be able to interpret moments of difficulty. They must be good listeners so that the children feel free to express themselves knowing that the teacher is there to help him. They must be  good examples and show children that learning is a life-long process and is enjoyable. They must be able to encourage and stimulate the children, make them feel self confident even when objectives are not reached, help them overcome disappointments. In short, our staff must be there to help our children become self confident individuals while reaching their maximum potential.

The Bilingual Middle School

 Our School continues to grow and, in September 2020, our Middle School opened. Now our children have the possibility to continue their education with us from the age of 3 to 14.