Sito italiano    Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Our daily activities

We are open from 8 o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Our children are in classes with other children of their own age following activities appropriate to the specific age of development. The three year olds are the "Lion Cubs", the children of four are our "Cool Cats" and the five year olds are the "Wise Owls". Afternoon activities, instead, like music, drama, creative and discovery, are done in mixed-age groups to build a sense of collaboration. 

Outside activities

Our children are taken out of school several times through the year - to the theatre, the library, the swimming pool. Twice yearly we also visit a local "fattoria didattica" where the children enjoy learning how to make bread, cheese, honey, vinegar or look after the baby animals. Grape-picking day in the autumn is always a traditional day out each year. These trips are very educational and enjoyable.


School day trip

Towards the end of the school year all the teachers, children and their parents enjoy a day trip together. Every year the destination is different but it is always a memorable occasion for all.

Activities > Drama

All children love to "pretend". Play acting is an important part of growth for young children as it enables them to experience a variety of roles. They can be "mummy", "daddy", "teacher" or any other person they want to be and experience some aspect of this role. Drama helps children to live their feelings, to express themselves and to understand other people. It is also a wonderful way to introduce children to the beauty of literature and to the enjoyment of reading. Listening to stories, talking about the characters and then reliving them in drama is both enjoyable and educational - then, choosing our costume and accessories just highlights the enjoyment!

Our new "cubs"

 Our new 3 year olds - our "Lion Cubs" and "Tiger Cubs" are well and truly settled now and are revealing their individual personalities.