Sito italiano    Thursday, June 13, 2024

Who we are

Peter Pan is an English pre-school and has flourished in Modena since opening in 1996.  We have a full intake of fifty children, aged 3 to 6. The language of communication in school is English and, although the majority of our children do not have English as their first language, they soon learn to use it. 


Our main priority is to help our children grow into strong, self-confident people who can face the challenges of a changing world.  We aim to give our children a positive self-esteem and an enquiring mind and we do this by creating a nurturing environment and stimulating activities where our children can exploit their potential. Our school motto is "Be the best you can be".


Our staff are all English and fully qualified pre-school teachers with excellent communication skills. They create a stimulating environment where our children can learn and grow. They help our children to interact while being attentive to individual needs and personalities. They protect and guide our children while helping them become independent. They encourage and praise positive behaviour. They respect the children as individuals and help the children to respect others. We hope this will enable our children to become confident adults who work well alone but appreciate the strength of a team.

Our new "cubs"

 Our new 3 year olds - our "Lion Cubs" and "Tiger Cubs" are well and truly settled now and are revealing their individual personalities.